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All registered Babysitters on our site have completed our Recruitment Procedure and Induction Course to ensure we can provide you the best service possible.

This means that each person has successfully answered a range of interview questions designed to assess their knowledge of child care, experience and qualifications, as well as innate responses to specific scenarios and behavioual expectations. Each babysitter has shown a genuine interest and passion for delivering quality child care services to our community.

Through blue card checks with the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, multiple reference and qualification checks, we assure that each babysitter is someone we would leave our own children with. We undertand how daunting the process of choosing a sitter can be, so we ensure every sitter meets our high standards. Once the Recruitment Procedure is finilised, babysitters are invited to attend our Induction Course.

The Induction Course is a four-hour compulsory training session for all members who wish to apply for job placements on our site. Babysitters are taken through a series of information sessions, combined with role-plays and group activities, to enhance their current skills and learn new and beneficial tools for on-the-job. We take great care to ensure that all members understand and agree to comply with our behavioural expecations and Code of Conduct. Each babysitter has proven themself to be a loving and compassionate person, capable of excelling in group situations and using thier own initiative.

You can read all about each babysitter in their personal profile when they apply for your job placement online. We believe that you know what is best for your family so we have allowed the freedom to view various profiles and choose your own sitter each time. 

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